Welcome to my online portfolio.

I am a developing UX Designer by way of the pastorate who is discovering (with no small amount of joy and delight) that the distance between those two fields is surprisingly closer than one might originally think.

I believe that people desperately want to be seen, heard, understood, and known, and that the very best design brings all of those things to life. I do what I do every day because of a settled conviction that people truly matter - their ideas, their unique perspectives, their hopes.


"So, what's the deal with
the arrows in your logo?"

Of all the hats that I wear, the two that are the most important and make me the happiest are those of husband and dad - my personal design brand intentionally echoes those priorities. A verse from scripture provides the inspiration...

"Like arrows in the hand of a warrior
are the children of one's youth."
(Psalm 127:4)

The four arrows are representative of my children - each distinct, each created for a purpose, gifted with unique perspectives and personalities. Similarly, each project, each opportunity, each new collaboration that I participate in is unique and distinct - it’s my privilege and responsibility as a UX designer to work diligently to address the specific challenges and opportunities inherent to each project and client, and to conceptualize and deliver ideas and solutions that are just as individually reflective and tailored.